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    Creating better ways to recycle protein by-products into profitable meals and fats.
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    New Dupps Pressor® screw press for low-ash pet food poultry meal.
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    Your single source for a single piece of equipment to a turnkey rendering plant.

Dupps rendering systems

For over 85 years, the Dupps Company has offered the protein recycling industry the world's most complete line of durable, high-performance rendering systems and equipment.

Cookers & dryers Dupps cookers and dryers are the heart of Continuous Rendering Systems worldwide. Real-world comparison — Dupps Continuous Hydrolyzer™ delivers dramatically lower cost of ownership.


Size reduction equipment Pre-break, grind and crush more efficiently regardless of material.



Screw Presses High capacity Dupps presses combine lower fat residuals with longer life and lower maintenance costs.



Decanters and centrifuges New Dupps solid bowl decanters and disc-style vertical centrifuges offer unsurpassed performance, dependability and uptime.



Material handling equipment Move any material that can fit into a pipeline, without product contamination.



Process controls Dupps ICIS® Automated Process Control monitors all process parameters for complete system control.



Dupps NIR spectrometer system  An innovative solution that accurately measures the protein, fat, moisture and ash content of rendering process streams continuously and in real-time, without time-consuming and costly off-line analysis.


Evaporator systems Dupps Thermsavor™, Retrofit and Grease evaporator systems recycle waste heat to increase efficiency.




New  Pressor® for Low-Ash Pet Food Poultry Meal15" and 24" PrebreakersDupps Rendering Decanter