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    The extra throughput, lower residuals and greater uptime you never knew you had.

Dupps Consulting Services

Through its many years of designing, building, installing and servicing all kinds of rendering machinery as well as entire rendering facilities, Dupps has developed the accumulated experience that can help improve nearly any plant — sometimes dramatically so.

Often the most cost-effective way to increase a plant’s efficiency and uptime — and improve product quality — is to optimize what is already in place. The Dupps consulting services team will help you realize the untapped performance that's just waiting to get out of your Dupps Cookors, Pressor® screw presses and other process systems.

“Just re-configuring our presses increased throughput for both meal and oil by 38%, and lowered the residual oil in the meal by 1.5 percentage points.”

Pressor Optimization — Case Study

Dupps consulting services have proved especially beneficial for older plants which may not be using the latest equipment or control technology for feedstocks that have changed over time, or may be facing the loss of institutional knowledge through employee turnover. With ever increasing demands to produce higher volumes and higher quality products, even well-run operations have benefitted from Dupps extensive process knowledge.  

Consulting projects are tailored to each client’s unique needs, ranging in scope from an entire plant evaluation to optimizing a specific piece of rendering process equipment. Throughout the project, Dupps consultants work closely with management, plant operations and maintenance staff; often operators and maintenance personnel benefit by learning best practices during their time working alongside Dupps expert staff.

“It was eye opening to learn from your experienced techs about the operation and maintenance of the facility.  It provided a great learning tool for all involved.  A lot of times bad habits can be formed over the years and the service really helps to set up SOP’s to maximize the equipment.”

A comprehensive final report details project findings, and includes recommendations specifically aimed at achieving the client’s goals. These recommendations often reveal no- or low-cost, easy to implement steps to dramatically improve plant or equipment performance, as well as longer-term investments that can boost throughput, increase uptime, improve product quality and lower operating costs over time.  

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