Precrushor™ is an extremely low maintenance, reliable, energy-saving pre-breaker that accepts the largest pieces without preliminary cut-up. Breaking up to 45 metric tons of material per hour, the Precrushor features a high-torque motor to handle all kinds of feed stock, yet uses less energy than other pre-breaker designs. Precrushor brochure.

Grindor™ is a high-speed, high-capacity attrition-type meal grinder featuring a side entry housing for less windage. It grinds dry material to small, uniform pieces at an average rate of 100 pounds or more per horsepower per hour, and moist material at 60 pounds per horsepower per hour. Wear-resistant impact hammers are easily replaced to increase service life and reduce maintenance costs.  Grindor brochure.

Prehogor™is a low cost answer to breaking up hard materials during primary size reduction. Seventeen welded, hard-surfaced rotor teeth and two anvil assemblies break up even the hardest feed stock into 1" to 2" pieces. The first anvil assembly provides the initial breaking action, the second assures uniform sizing.  Prehogor brochure.

Hogor™can handle both soft and hard materials, providing the smallest, most uniform particle sizes. Hogor feeds from 20,000 to 60,000 pounds of material per hour through its large feed opening. It can handle both soft and hard materials, reducing particle sizes to about 1/2". Optional 2", 3" or 4" diameter screens cut long, stringy material.