Dupps rendering screw presses are engineered to out-perform and out-last ordinary
screw press designs.

Pressor® high pressure screw presses are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to meet every rendering application—from the largest, with a 13" shaft that increases throughput and handles soft, difficult-to-press materials, to a compact and efficient 7" model ideal for smaller plants. See More.

The Dupps Hydrolyzed Feather Press is a single-screw, medium-pressure screw press ideal for dewatering hydrolyzed feathers. It features a uniquely tapered shaft with constant diameter, variable pitch flighting. See More.

The new Pressor® for Hydrolyzed Feathers fits an extremely small footprint, making it ideal for all kinds of plant configurations. This versatile press features a variable frequency drive lets you adjust for maximum efficiency according to your throughput and moisture content requirements.
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Dupps High Volume Horizontal Screw Presses are your best choice for large volumes of shear sensitive materials, including slurries and hydrolyzed products such as hog hair and feathers. See More.

The new Dupps hybrid HCPR™ screw shaft
for Pressor high-pressure screw presses can extract more fat by dramatically lowering residuals in most rendered products.

The patent-pending hybrid HCPR (High Compression Press Release) design combines high compression with a release/re-compression feature. By compressing material twice, the HCPR releases more residual fat. In the same way that squeezing a household sponge twice releases more moisture, the HCPR shaft can release more fats by eliminating voids in the feed as it travels through the press.
Combined with precision-cut barrel bars, the HCPR shaft can provide up to 25% lower residual fat in pressed crax for most rendered products. Which means that depending upon Pressor capacity, the HCPR shaft can deliver up to 110 lbs. more fat per hour. Download HCPR brochure.

Designed to produce lower fat cakes from a variety of materials, Pressor screw presses are available with horsepower ratings between 30 to 300 HP and a choice of shaft configurations—including the new Dupps Hybrid HCPR shaft.
All Pressor models offer proven reliability, rugged construction and feature a single motor to drive all mechanical parts. Download brochure.

The Hydrolyzed Feather Press’s basic wetted construction is 304 stainless steel; the inner screen is 1/8” thick with 1/16” diameter holes, the outer backup screens have 3/4” diameter holes and are 3/8” thick in the discharge section and 1/4” thick in the intermediate sections.
The final two pitches are equipped with hardened wear shoes that are replaceable for quick, easy maintenance. The shaft is supported at both ends with heavy-duty roller bearings, plus an additional roller thrust bearing at the feed end.

Dupps High Volume Horizontal Screw Presses feature adjustable clearance between screen and shaft flighting, a pneumatic choke with a torque-limiting device for lock-up protection and a heavy-duty gearbox with a variable speed drive to compensate for material feed changes. Download brochure.