General Recycling Data
Approximate Densities of Commercial Fats
Boil Points
Chemical Data of Feed Grade Fats
Composition of Various Raw Materials
Conversion Factors
Fat Classification and Standards
Final melting points of average samples of fats & oils
Inedible Rendering Raw Materials Composition
Meal Analysis
Nutrient Composition of Animal Protein Feeds
QC Specs and Tests for Fats
Ranges of titres for different fats and oils
Raw Material Yields
Specs and Tests for Animal Proteins
Steam Summary
Water & Liquid Fat Weights

• Can you afford excess residual fat?
• Tips on boosting Pressor performance

• Winter tune-up for air-cooled condensers
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• New Dupps turnkey evaporator plant is one of North America's largest
• Special thanks to Bill Schottelkotte for 38 years of dedicated service
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• Titus II Hammermill could be just what you need for crushing and grinding

• Production technology continues to deliver

• Research Survey results
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