For nearly 80 years, the Dupps Company has offered the protein recycling industry the world's most complete line of durable, high-performance rendering systems and equipment.

New   Pressor® for Low-Ash Pet Food Poultry Meal  •  15” and 24” Prebreakers   •  Dupps Gratt Rendering Decanter 

Cookers & dryers  Dupps cookers and dryers are the heart of Continuous Rendering Systems worldwide.

Size reduction equipment  Pre-break, grind and crush more efficiently regardless of material.

Screw presses
 High capacity Dupps presses combine lower fat residuals with longer life and lower maintenance costs.

Decanters and centrifuges  New Dupps-Gratt solid bowl decanters and disc-style vertical centrifuges offer unsurpassed performance, dependability and uptime.

Material handling equipment  Move any material that can fit into a pipeline, without product contamination.

Process controls  Dupps ICIS® Automated Process Control monitors all process parameters for complete system control.

Evaporator systems  Dupps Thermsavor™, Retrofit and Grease evaporator systems recycle waste heat to increase efficiency.