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    Dupps VIP™ assures top cooker performance and minimal downtime.

Vessel Inspection Program

The Dupps VIP™ (Vessel Inspection Program) and VIP PLUS are comprehensive schedules of planned equipment maintenance and periodic evaluation to minimize downtime throughout the service life of Dupps equipment. It includes a complete regimen of the inspections, reports and recommendations you need to monitor and evaluate the condition of cooker pressure vessels —

• Periodic inspection, including ultrasonic readings of shaft and shell wall thickness, is vital because process materials gradually wear down a vessel's tube walls, stiffeners and inner shell, and wash away weld metal. Eventually, this reduces the vessel's operating pressure rating and structural integrity.

• With the VIP, you get all the information you need to avoid unnecessary expensive downtime, as well as meet OSHA 1910.119 requirements for the mechanical integrity of pressure vessels.

VIP PLUS includes the standard VIP inspection points, and adds inspection of both the drive and discharge bearings and the packing box wear sleeve areas. After inspection, VIP PLUS includes the installation of new packing sleeves if required — substantially reducing the risk of journal damage caused by bearing failure or poor coverage from the packing sleeve.

The VIP and VIP PLUS also allow you to schedule inspections for off-hours to minimize downtime.

To set up your VIP, please please contact Corey Merema, Field Service Supervisor, at (937) 855-0547 or e-mail