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    PIP™ — Planning ahead for best Pressor performance.

Pressor® Inspection Program

The PIP™ (Pressor Inspection Program) is designed to assure that our customers, in this case Pressor screw press operators, experience optimal performance and cost efficiency — and reduce unnecessary downtime — on an ongoing basis. With the PIP, each Pressor is inspected on a regular, scheduled basis by a Dupps Field Service Technician to evaluate the current condition of the equipment's gearbox components and overall gearbox integrity:

• The Pressor's gearbox is visually inspected to evaluate lube function and gear wear.

• All gearbox bearings are inspected for operational tolerance.

• After inspection, a complete, detailed report that illustrates the current condition of your Pressor is provided, including recommendations on any service or repairs that may be required.

Your PIP report is a vital aid in predicting when you'll need maintenance and repairs or future inspections. As a PIP customer, you may schedule inspections for off-hours to minimize downtime, or in conjunction with a scheduled cooker VIP (Vessel Inspection Program).

To set up your PIP, please please contact Corey Merema, Field Service Supervisor, at (937) 855-0547 or e-mail CMerema@dupps.com.