Pulp & Paper Dewatering

Ideal for pulp and paper mill applications, Dupps high-volume presses lower moisture for efficient incineration and reduce the volume of waste in landfills.

Dupps Paper Sludge Press  From solid construction to solid value, everything about this press is made to last. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S. to be the most rugged and durable machine of its kind. See More.

Dupps Sludge Press brochure

Paper Recycling Screw Press  Dupps screw presses also help pulp and paper mills process recycled paper by removing just the right amount of solvent-carrying ink from the pulp before the paper is made. See more.

Screw Press Repair and Rebuild Looking for the best way to bring your dewatering press back to life? Bringing the shaft up to original factory specs. with a rebuild or replacement can typically cost as little as 10 to 20% of the investment needed for a new screw press. See More.

The Dupps high capacity horizontal screw press is your best choice for high-volume dewatering. As long as your sludge composition remains constant, this unit is guaranteed to meet performance specs precisely.

It features adjustable clearance between screen and shaft flighting, a pneumatic choke with torque limiting capability for lock-up protection, and a heavy duty gearbox with variable speed drive to compensate for material feed changes. A center drainage configuration and unique chute design allows for easier material handling. 

Download Dupps Sludge Press brochure.

Spent solvent — especially when it contains a great deal of scrap material — presents a difficult challenge. But Dupps has developed a batch vessel which evaporates solvent for re-use and allows the recycling of the solids. After used paper is turned into a pulp and processed with ink-removing chemicals, a Dupps screw press removes just the right amount of solvent-carrying ink from the pulp before it's made into recycled paper.

Only Dupps has the original specifications, OEM replacement parts and expertise to guarantee that critical components—such as bearings and chokes—fit perfectly and perform to rated specifications. You can also count on quick turnaround to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. Often, work can be performed on-site, thanks to portable welding (including sub-arc), turning and boring capability. With unmatched press engineering, machining and fabrication experience, as well as ASME Code welding capability, Dupps can handle the toughest rebuild jobs on any Dupps press— and other presses as well.