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    High-efficiency extraction without the use of chemical solvents.
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    Up to 100 tons per day with as little as 5% residuals.

Oil Seed Processing

The Dupps Pressor® Oil Seed Screw Press gets more dollars out of what you put in. Specifically engineered for soybean and other oil seed extraction, the Dupps Pressor oil seed screw press squeezes more profit out of every bean and seed.

•  Lower residuals in the meal adds up to as much as 2,400 lbs. more oil per press, per day. Ordinary mechanical extraction wastes profit by leaving up to 8% residual oil.
•  Higher throughput — a single Pressor can process 75 to 100 tons per day. Old expeller press technology often tops out at 1,000-1,500 pounds per hour: about 18 tons per day at best.
•  The Dupps Pressor oil seed press offers proven lower operating and maintenance cost per ton.

Oil Seed Pressor Specifications 

See what makes the Dupps Oil Seed Press so unique — click here to request access to a 3-D animated demonstration!

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For more information on oilseed process applications, please contact Brett Sasser at BSasser@dupps.com or (937) 855-0564.