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Insect Protein Processing

At the forefront of a rapidly emerging protein technology, turnkey BSFL processing systems engineered, manufactured and installed by Dupps have revealed superior cost efficiency, production throughput and environmental benefits compared to traditional methods.

Dupps drying and pressing systems in particular — proven mainstays in the animal byproduct recycling, fishmeal and similar process industries — have shown to be ideally suited for these fundamental stages of black soldier fly larvae processing.

Dupps EnviroDry™ Airless Drying  This innovative solution protects and prepares heat-sensitive proteins for downstream processing, virtually eliminates visible exhaust plume, requires only minimal odor control, and creates a sustainable, supplementary source of energy.

•  With EnviroDry airless drying, there's no oxidation and no scorching — you get far greater product quality and consistency.

•  The dryer’s minimal exhaust is essentially water vapor; that means there’s virtually no visible exhaust plume.

•  Substantially lower exhaust volume results in much lower odor emissions, so the need for expensive odor control systems is minimized.

•  EnviroDry’s excess heat energy can be recycled for use elsewhere in your plant.

A recent study has shown that using superheated steam as the drying medium — like Envirodry — has a much higher rate of pathogen inactivation than typical hot air dryers. See study

See how innovative EnviroDry airless drying technology works — click here to request access to a 3-D animated demonstration!

The Dupps Pressor® high pressure screw press squeezes more dollars out of what you put in. Specifically engineered for BSFL processing, the Dupps Pressor can be configured for other insect feed stock.

•  The Dupps Pressor reaches optimal operating conditions almost immediately, contributing to higher system efficiency.

•  A screw shaft profile designed for BSFL processing results in significantly higher throughput and capacity compared to traditional expeller technologies.

•  The Dupps Pressor screw press offers documented lower operating and maintenance cost per ton.

•  The Pressor provides proven reliability, rugged construction and features a single motor to drive all mechanical components.

With over 85 years of leadership in the design and manufacture of protein co-products processing systems — and worldwide installation and service — Dupps insect protein processing equipment offers unsurpassed capability to provide efficient, profitable and sustainable solutions.

For more information, or to discuss your insect protein process application, please contact Rob Horton at or (937) 855-6555.