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    HXIP — Assure long-term efficiency and dependability from shell and tube heat exchangers.

Heat Exchanger Inspection Program

The Dupps HXIP (Heat Exchanger Inspection Program) is a proven, comprehensive plan of scheduled inspection, analysis and process evaluation for shell and tube heat exchangers and condensers. The program gives you the inspection data, analysis and forecasting information you need to achieve on-going maximum efficiency, avoid costly unplanned shut-downs, and accurately budget for preventive maintenance.
HXIP includes —

• Tube Leak testing identifies tubes that have cracks or holes.

• Eddy Current tube wall inspection reveals tube pitting, cracks, scale buildup and tube wall thinning that can result in lost efficiency, tube fouling and contaminated product.

• Dye Penetrant testing of both upper and lower tubesheets identifies cracks in the plate and in the tubesheet–to-shell weld joint.

• Tube Joint testing of each tube-to-tubesheet joint detects leaks.

• HXIP inspection procedures also help identify tubes that are deformed, plugged with product or otherwise obstructed.

• Initial and successive HXIP inspections establish a benchmark for predicting future service needs, setting up optimal maintenance intervals, identifying wear patterns and determining useful lifespan.

HXIP also includes a thorough evaluation of process operating conditions, and provides recommendations for maximizing performance and efficiency. Download HXIP brochure here.

To set up your HXIP schedule, please contact Ray Jobe at RJobe@dupps.com