Dupps Centrifuge Group

Genuine Dupps decanters and centrifuges, and complete centrifuge service and support, are the latest additions to the Dupps Company’s growing family of innovative processing solutions. With a full line of proven, high-performance centrifugal decanters, separators and critical spare parts— backed by responsive, expert service — Dupps assures customers of reliable, efficient operation and maximum uptime.

Total service and support  Our staff of full-time field service technicians is expert in every aspect of maintenance, repair and renewal of decanter and centrifuge rotating assemblies, including bowl, bearings, seals and hardfacing. With a full inventory of maintenance and repair parts, we can maintain your system at peak operational efficiency with minimum downtime. Dupps services also include a comprehensive equipment rental program. More about Dupps centrifuge parts & service.

For centrifuge field service, parts, rebuild services and equipment rental, call Dupps—Ankeny at 515-964-1110.

New Dupps line of Vertical Disc Centrifuges — Proven in multiple industries for more than fifteen years, and manufactured exclusively for Dupps, this new product line has been specifically designed to maximize our customers' uptime, quality and throughput. Available in seven models providing between 30 and 125 GPM capacity at up to 300ºF operating temperature, Dupps STS vertical disc centrifuges can accommodate multiple configurations, including 3-phase separators and 2-phase clarifiers.

Plus — Rapid response service and parts for GEA-Westfalia and Alfa-Laval vertical disc centrifuges. In addition to complete service for our own vertical disc centrifuges, Dupps now offers service, parts and support that far exceeds industry norms for the most common GEA-Westfalia and Alfa-Laval models. More about Dupps vertical disc centrifuge service and support.    

Dupps Mobile Decanter Unit — MDU  Built to handle a broad range of process and waste streams, the Dupps MDU is a complete, self-contained mobile decanting system ready to go to work virtually anywhere on your site. Designed for both two- and three-phase operation, it’s ideal as a test plant or temporary solution to all kinds of solid/liquid separation applications.

The heart of the MDU is a dual-drive, solid bowl decanter centrifuge that can handle throughput of up to 150 gallons per minute, depending upon feed stock. The MDU also includes all necessary material handling equipment, integrated polymer treatment, and a complete on-board process control system.

The Dupps MDU is available for short-term lease or rental. For more information, please contact your Dupps representative, or Chris Hall at 937-855-0598; email

Dupps Rendering Decanter  
Dupps performance and durability built into a proven design. All models feature a similar configuration and footprint as commonly used 18 x 28, 24 x 38 and 24 x 60 rendering decanters. Dupps centrifuge equipment is manufactured to ISO 9001/2008 standards. 

High-speed, High-G Disc Style Vertical Centrifuges  Dupps Vertical Centrifuges separate the liquid/solid phases up to 12,000 times greater than gravitational force, providing automatic discharge of separated solids. The disk-style design significantly increases the solids settling area, and adapts to a variety of process applications.

For more information on Dupps decanters and vertical centrifuges, contact your Dupps representative or Chris Hall at 937-855-0598; email