Cocoa Butter Production The Dupps Pressor® Screw Press is the heart of a compact, low-maintenance cocoa butter processing system that replaces expensive hydraulic presses, and delivers top-quality butter and powder at higher throughput and lower cost. Dupps has designed and built special screw presses for some of the largest cocoa processors in the world. See more.

Oat Bran Reclamation and Distiller's Dried Grain The Dupps Ring Dryer quickly and efficiently removes moisture for recycling meals and grains. See more.

Food Grade Processing  Dupps designed, built and pilot-tested a special stainless steel screw press system for the extraction of meat broth. The result is the world's first and only screw press to be approved by the USDA for processing edible products.

Recycling asphalt roofing shingles — part of the Dupps Company, RSS (Recycled Shingle Solutions, LLC) manufactures Harmonite®, a unique multifunctional, versatile powder that can be used as an economical base compound for building new product formulations, and enhance the performance and economy of existing ones. Developed through the Dupps Company's high-temperature processing and mechanical reduction expertise, RSS uses a patented process to produce Harmonite from recycled asphalt roofing shingles. More about RSS



Service is our most important obligation.
Our staff of full-time Field Service Technicians is expert in every aspect of maintenance and repair of processing equipment including welding capability that meets ASME Code Section VIII requirements. With all the specific tools necessary to maintain, repair and upgrade Dupps and other kinds of machinery properly and efficiently, we can quickly bring your system and equipment up to peak efficiency with a minimum of downtime

The Dupps Parts Department, with a full inventory of maintenance and repair parts, stands ready for the fastest possible response, often within twenty-four hours of a call. Because replacement part availability is critical — even a small, inexpensive part can shut a plant down — our customers can call Dupps twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

For food processors that generate wet oat hulls, the Ring Dryer turns what was once waste into usable bran meal that can be milled into oat bran flour.

Plants that produce fuel alcohol from corn use the Ring Dryer to turn spent mash into distiller's dried grain, which is sold as an animal feed ingredient. The Dupps Ring Dryer reduces the moisture content from 60% to 10% almost instantly, and recovers nearly half of the energy needed for drying from otherwise wasted exhaust heat.