National Renderers Association honors John Dupps

At its Annual Convention in October, 2018, the National Renderers Association announced that John Dupps was the recipient of its highest honor — the Don Franco Distinguished Service Award. This prestigious award was presented to Mr. Dupps by Mr. Ridley Bestwick, Chairman of the NRA, and Chief Financial Officer of West Coast Reduction, Ltd., western Canada’s largest independent rendering company.

Mr. Bestwick highlighted Mr. Dupps’ many contributions to the industry in his remarks at the Award Ceremony. “John’s dedication, innovation and, indeed, the future of rendering can be seen in his long-standing commitment to research to solve industry problems and open new markets.” Mr. Bestwick also noted that the Don Franco Distinguished Service Award is not necessarily given every year, but only when merited by an outstanding body of work on behalf of the rendering industry.

John Dupps served as President Dupps Company for twenty-eight years, and is currently the company’s Chairman of the Board.

Dr. Don Franco was a highly respected and influential leader as NRA Vice President for Scientific Services and President of the Animal Protein Producers Industry organization from 1992 to 2002. He was one of the editors of The Original Recyclers published by NRA in 1996 and was a contributing author to Essential Rendering in 2006. Prior to his service with the NRA, Dr. Franco served as Director of Slaughter Operation for USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Services.

The Don Franco Distinguished Service Award reflects Dr. Franco’s legacy of excellence by recognizing exceptional service to the rendering industry in areas of science, policy, marketing, or communications.