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Dupps Centrifuge Service & Support

With responsive, expert service and a complete inventory of maintenance and replacement parts, Dupps Centrifuge Service Group assures customers of reliable, efficient operation and maximum uptime.

Our service technicians and engineers offer over 50 years experience in evaluating, maintaining, troubleshooting and renewing nearly all types and brands of decanters and centrifuges. Our staff is expert in every aspect of maintenance, repair and rebuilding of decanter and vertical disc centrifuges, including bowl, bearings, seals and hardfacing. With the experience and specific tools necessary to properly service most brands of equipment, including Dupps-Gratt® decanters and centrifuges, we can maintain your system at peak operational efficiency with minimum downtime.
Dupps services also include a comprehensive equipment rental program.
 Download Centrifuge Service brochure  

All the parts you need ready for delivery
Dupps Centrifuge Group maintains one of the largest inventories of OEM and aftermarket replacement parts for decanters and vertical disc centrifuges — including the critical parts you need to maximize uptime. Hundreds of the highest quality gaskets, seals, bearings and specialty machined parts are available for same-day shipment from our climate controlled warehouse. Parts for most brands & models.

New Exclusive CIP (Centrifuge Inspection Program)
Scheduled inspection, analysis and maintenance recommendations for horizontal bowl decanter and vertical disc centrifuges helps to assure continuous peak performance, and prevent minor issues from becoming major problems. CIP also includes an evaluation of process performance to assure optimal system efficiency and productivity.  Download CIP brochure.

For centrifuge field service and equipment rental, call Dupps at 937-855-6555.
For centrifuge parts and rebuild services, call Dupps—Ankeny at 515-964-1110.