Dupps-Gratt decanters, centrifuges and support services are the latest addition to the Dupps Company’s growing family of innovative processing solutions.

With a full line of proven, high-performance centrifugal decanters, centrifuges and accessories — backed by responsive, expert service — Dupps assures customers of reliable, efficient operation and maximum uptime. Dupps-Gratt decanters and centrifuges are manufactured to ISO 9001/2008 standards.

New   Dupps-Gratt Rendering Decanter  Dupps performance and durability built into a proven design. All models feature a similar configuration and footprint as commonly used 18 x 28, 24 x 38 and 24 x 60 rendering decanters. Plus prompt service — including a full parts inventory — through the Dupps’ Centrifuge Service Group. Performance and Specifications

Two- and Three-Phase Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuges  Dupps-Gratt Decanter Centrifuges combine proven efficiency and reliability with advanced mechanical separation technology to provide superior performance in a wide range of applications and flow rates. Performance and Specifications

High-speed, High-G Disc Style Vertical Centrifuges  Dupps-Gratt Vertical Centrifuges separate the liquid/solid phases up to 9,800 times greater than gravitational force, providing automatic discharge of separated solids. The disk-style design significantly increases the solids settling area, and adapts to a variety of process applications. Performance and Specifications

Service and Support  The Dupps Centrifuge Service Group staff of full-time Field Service Technicians is expert in every aspect of maintenance and repair of decanter and centrifuge rotating assemblies, including bowl, bearings, seals and hardfacing. With a full inventory of maintenance and repair parts, we can maintain your system at peak operational efficiency with minimum downtime.

Download Dupps-Gratt Centrifuge Technology brochure

Dupps Centrifuge Service Group brochure

Easy to operate and maintain, Dupps-Gratt Decanter Centrifuges are available with:
Process wetted components in 304 SS, 316 SS, Duplex SS; inquire about other materials.
• Seven bowl diameters from 186 mm (7” nominal) to 808 mm (32” nominal).
• Hydraulic capacities up to 100 m3/hr (440 GPM).
• Two- and three-phase configurations.
• Optional Back Drive Kit for variable bowl-to-screw differential speed.

Dupps-Gratt High-speed, High-G Disc Style Vertical Centrifuges are ideal for:
• Continuous processing of fluid base streams consisting of liquid-liquid-solids, liquid-solids, or liquid-liquid components of different densities.
• Can be configured as a separator or clarifier to meet process requirements.
• Seven bowl diameters from 220 mm (9" nominal) to 556 mm (22" nominal).
• Hydraulic capacities up to 25 m3/hr (110 GPM).